Would you try a chemical peeling?

Would you try a chemical peeling?

Life is “recorded” on the skin

It is said that the skin remembers everything. This is  true in many ways.  The beautiful moments in our life are seen on our faces through laughs, while our problems and stress creates deep wrinkles on the forehead. Staying on extreme sun without protection of the skin or in the solarium causes the skin to get older and tired.Also, inadequate nutrition, smoking and stress affect the skin to get older. Trying different cosmetic preparations can “suffocate”it and sometimes damage it  if they are not adequate to the skin type. Especially sensitive skin is prone to acne, which often leaves scars. For a faster and more non-invasive skin recovery, we recommend a chemical exfoliation that delivers exceptional results.


What is chemical peeling?

It is anti-aging procedure with special acids that remove the damaged skin layer under which a healthy new layer of skin remains. By the action of acids and other ingredients, the damaged layer of skin begins to peel and falls. The skin gets a refreshed, healthy and bright look. The procedure is completely safe when done by an expert, and the results are very good. Autumn and winter are suitable seasons for doing this procedure because there is less exposure to the sun that is desirable to avoid immediately after the procedure. Due to the high efficiency and frequency of use, this procedure is considered an anti aging gold standard.

chemical peeling

Types of chemical peeling and application

The chemical peeling  can be a shallow, medium deep and deep, which can be similar to facelifting effect. The choice of the preparation and the exposure intensity is determined by the doctor in relation to the problems on the skin being treated. It is suitable for the treatment of stretch marks, acne scars, sunshine, increased pigmentation, keratosis, tired skin, shallow wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes. The preparations used for exfoliation affect the improvement of skin quality in a natural way and it remains a long time core. The results of the scrub are somewhat better on the light skin. Chemical peeling is suitable for combination with other aesthetic procedures such as implantation of hyaluronic fillers,  mesotherapy and botox. Chemical peeling can be successfully performed on the face, neck, arms and legs.


Chemical peeling and treatment recovery

The procedure of rejuvenating the face in this way only lasts for twenty minutes and is not painful. Before scaling, it is necessary to avoid medications that can affect blood clotting. Mild tingling during treatment and occurrence of redness is possible. The face remains slightly irritated for several days until the damaged skin layer is removed. If the deeper and middle skin layers of the skin irritate are slightly larger and last for up to a week. It is necessary to avoid the sun for about ten days, as well as sunbathing for about a month.

Atlas Aesthetics – a step towards beauty

In order for the chemical peel to be excellent, it is necessary to contact the right expert in this field, who will first evaluate the condition of your skin well and then carefully listen to you. Outline your expectations of this procedure openly because good communication with a doctor is of great importance for a good result. Chemical peeling is a procedure that we are pleased to recommend to all persons who want to make their skin younger on non invasive way solve some of its imperfections. Atlas estetic is at your disposal when you want your skin to deal with specialist aesthetic surgery with years of experience and a large number of satisfied clients. Schedule your consultations with aesthetic surgery specialists on phones: +381 11 785 88 88 and +381 60 329 24 11