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Cosmetic facial surgery of lips

Cosmetic facial surgery | Lip correction

Lip correction is an increasingly popular aesthetic procedure surgery, both around the world and in our country.

lips correction
lips correction

Beautiful and full of lips are a physical feature that many people, and above all women, want. Some people are born with naturally fuller and well-defined lips, while others are not, and in many cases the volume of lips is lost as we get older. With the help of an experienced aesthetic surgeon, you can get the lips you have always dreamed of. Today, it is possible to change the shape of the lips in several ways, while filling the lips is still the most common intervention that the patient requires.

Lip enlargement is a procedure of aesthetic surgery where the lip volume increased, and the shape is altered. Full, sensual lips of clear and beautiful contours represent the desire of many women and men, and because of this, this method has become very popular.

The volume of lips is increased subtly and in a nuance of a natural size that correlates with the lines of the patient’s face.

Who is a candidate for lip enlargement and correction?

The lips are among some of the most visible and noticeable parts of the human face. They largely define the physiognomy of the face, it is for this reason that the enlargement, and correction of the lips is a procedure performed most often by our aesthetic surgeons.

The best candidates for lip enlargement are those with thin, asymmetric lips.

Enlargement of the lips is done through several methods: hyaluronic fillers, aqua gel, transfer of fatty tissue and implants.

Using Filler to create fuller lips  

The most popular and simplest lip enhancement treatment are done through fillers.  These injectable products are soft tissue fillers that temporarily contribute to the current volume and lip contours. Filters look and feel natural. The procedure implies minimal wounds, and non-visible markings from the filer by injection, with little pain or inconvenience. In addition to volume, the fillers can be used to precisely shape the lips for a sensual and youthful look. Filters last three to four months on average, but in some cases they can last for six months to a year or more. The usual fillers include the hyaluronic acid formula such as Belotero®, Kiss®, Teosial®, Mona Lisa®, Restilane® and Juvederm®. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body. Since hyaluronic acid fillers are made from a substances similar to those found in the body, it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. But if you are allergic to lidocaine, tell your doctor before you are subjected to this procedure, as some filters contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic.

The main disadvantage when using the filler is that treatments should be repeated occasionally in order to preserve and maintain the results.

How is this procedure performed?

Enlarging lips with injectable fillers is a very simple procedure. Most patients do not require local anesthesia, but it is available if necessary. During the procedure, which usually lasts about 30 minutes, the surgeon will carefully mark the areas on the lips where they will inject the appropriate amount of filler with a fine needle, strategically, and to increase volume and provide a shaped and straight contour of the lips. After injection, ice can be given to relieve discomfort and in order to lower the swelling. However, please be sure not to put any pressure on this area. Makeup or other lip products should be avoided immediately after the procedure.

You should immediately notice the difference. After the healing period, your lips should feel natural.

Once the procedure is completed, patients can return to normal activities.

Adverse effects in the administration of hyaluronic acid filters are temporary and should last for only a few days. They may include:

– bleeding from the injection site

– swelling and bruising

– redness and sensitivity at the injection site

– reactivation of cold wounds or blisters (herpes simplex) on the lips

Recovery Post-Intervention

The recovery after this type of intervention is very fast. Patients can almost immediately after the surgery return to their normal activities, without any limitation.  Some bruises and swelling are common side-effects, but should stop in the days following this procedure. Most people have very little discomfort at the end of this procedure.

Using Aqua gel (Aquafilling®) as a filler

Thanks to its composition, the Aquafilling® hydrophilic gel has a slow decomposition time, and the results are very good. Water-based filters are excellent for application in the region of the face and last for more than three years. The efficacy of Aquafilling ® depends on the strength of the treatment, dosage and physical status of the woman.

How do you enlarge your lips with Aquafiller?

Thanks its formula, Aqua gel is compatible with other pre-injected dermal fillers. After intervention at the application site there are no scars, and there is no trauma during treatment.   The patient is ready to return to their daily tasks immediately after the procedure and a short postoperative break.

Correction of the lips Aquafilling® is practically painless, because the gel is injected with the use of  a local anesthetic.

Recovery Post Aquafilling® intervention

Aqua Filler has the ability to attract collagen and elastin-negative molecules with its positive electrical charge, thus achieving long-lasting skin flexibility. This high elasticity allows the surgeons to use thin needles and not to apply anesthesia at the site of the injection. The gel is easily injected into the skin and the patient does not feel any pain. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to their everyday normal activities.

Compatibility with other filters:

Aquafilling® is a water soluble gel and is compatible with other previously injected dermafillers. There is no possibility of gel migration, fragmentation, formation of rigid fibrous capsules, as well as no inflammation, infiltration around and in the injection area. Aqua Filler is a natural gel, which is compatible with human body.

So, if you have decided on using Aqua gel, you can be sure that you have chosen the right way to solve your aesthetic problems as well as maintain a healthy, fresh and beautiful look.

Fat Transfer (filling your lips using your own fatty tissue)

This procedure uses the patient’s own fat to increase the size of their lips. In the beginning, fat is extracted from other areas of the body, such as hips, stomach or thighs. The resulting fat cells are then isolated, purified and injected into the lips. This “transfer” of fat is a less common procedure for lip enhancement because it requires a separate fat-collecting procedure, but it gives a very natural look and size to your lips.  One of main concerns of this procedure is unpredictability that the body will eventually absorb some fat cells in the first six months post treatment, and some of the fat will not. The ultimate outcome of the procedure however, is that the volume of the lips will remain durable after that period.

Lip Implants

Lip implants can be a permanent solution for lip enlargement, but in practice they are generally used much less than in the previous three methods of lip enhancement. They are available to patients who have opted for long term results. The procedure involves the use of soft and flexible implants from renowned manufacturers, which are then surgically implanted. Implants are permanent, but can also be surgically removed if necessary.

How is this lip correction procedure performed?

Surgical enlargement of the lip with implant placement can be performed under local anesthesia, or without sedation. Minimal incisions are made to the upper and / or lower lips, to allow for implantation. The implants are small and the shape of a tube. When the implants are in place, the incisions are then closed.

What does recovery look like?

Surgical lip enlargement requires more rest, but in this case it usually involves only two to three days of initial recovery before the patient can continue with their normal activities. During the recovery period one should expect swelling and some kind of discomfort, but it is something that can be successfully controlled by medication.

Synthetic fillers last longer in the tissue – for several years, and hyaluronic acid-based filters last significantly shorter – for several months. Your own fat tissue is retained in your lips for up to 5 years. The younger the patient, the longer the effects last. All the fillers we use are produced by renowned high quality manufacturers.

Permanent lip augmentation – Bullhorn lip lift

By lifting the skin, subnasally ie surgically enlarging the lips increases the size of the lips by lifting and tightening the skin above the lip. This method is known and is named after a cut that looks like a bull’s horn directly below the nose. The Bullhorn lift can also resolve innate lip asymmetries and give patients a fresh, younger look. Lip lifting using the Bull horn lift technique is performed under local anesthesia, although other types of anesthesia may be used to provide greater comfort to the patient. After preoperative planning, the skin around the mouth is first cleaned and collected. Then, mild anesthesia consisting of lidocaine and epinephrine is applied throughout the planning procedure. The incisions will be made directly under the nostrils. The cut point begins approximately 2 mm below the columella and the nasal base. The incisions follow but do not cross within the nostrils, connecting over the base of the columella and extending just beyond the corners of the nostrils. When properly prepared, the skin will be cut at one-third the length of the nose and lip. Completing the process involves sewing up the region. The scars will not be hidden inside the nose, but they usually heal and are not immediately noticeable.

It is important to note

After lip enlargement, the patient may experience  mild swelling and redness, which can be alleviated by applying a cold pack.

In some cases, the swelling can last 3 to 5 days after intervention, and up to 7 days after surgical lip implant. In some cases, small hematomas and bruises may also occur. After the intervention, the patient leaves the hospital and continues the rest of the recovery through home care with adequate prescribed therapy.

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