Chemical peeling

Natural regeneration with chemical peeling

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Chemical peeling is a procedure which naturally regenerates the skin and improves its quality and structure.

Chemical peeling
Chemical peeling

By removing the damaged layer, the skin becomes smoother, lighter, more translucent and healthier.

Chemical peeling dates back to the ancient Egyptians and this technique was used by ancient Greeks and Romans.

In the early 80 s of the last century, many new kinds of chemical peelings were discovered.

There are three types of chemical peels: superficial, medium and deep.

This method is performed on the face, cleavage, hand, arms and legs.

It is efficiently used for pigmented skin, scars formed after acne, fine wrinkles, and rough skin as a result of aging or over exposure to the Sun.

How is this procedure carried out?

It is usually carried out in the autumn, winter or early spring because of low UV radiation, but in some patients, it can be used throughout the year depending on the skin problems.

The procedure lasts about 20 minutes and the number of treatments is determined by a specialist.

The skin is cleansed and prepared for applying the peeling and then the peeling is applied by using a brush or a swab for only a couple of minutes.

It produces the warmth, prickling, and burning.

These sensations are gradually relieved by applying neutralizator on the treated skin.

After the treatment, a hydrating creme is applied.Recovery period lasts only 7 days.