Transport of patients

Transport to various medical institutions

Atlas esthetic | Transport of patients

We provide safe medical transport of patients on the territory of Belgrade and Serbia as well as throughout the world.

Transport to various medical institutions such as institutions for hemodialysis, chemotherapy, and transport from one medical institution to another, as well as air and helicopter domestic and international transport, can be organized quickly and efficiently.

Just call our 24h service on: +381 11 785 88 88 or +381 60 3292 411.

Doctors and medical staff specialized in Accident and Emergency medicine, trauma and cardiology, pediatric and neonatal nurses are always available for our patients. The latest medical equipment for monitoring patients including ECG, defibrillator, oxygen, aspirator, infusion pumps, respiratory and intubation equipment guarantee complete, professional and safe medical care.

As transport of patients is of great importance we pay special attention to providing the best quality and comfort. Pleasant environment and helpful medical staff help patients to eliminate stress.

Our hospital has the highly professional medical team that takes care of all physical and emotional needs of patients and their families. Our wish is that our clients are satisfied and sure that they have chosen the safest and professional medical transport.

Our transport can reach you, wherever you are.