Buttock Augmentation

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Surgical Enlargement of the Buttocks(Gluteoplasty)

In the last few years the trend for a fuller, lifted and well-shaped butt has become a highly sought after trait.

Enlargement of the Buttocks
Enlargement of the Buttocks

The butt can be tightened, re-shaped, and enlarged through a procedure known as Gluteoplasty. If you wish to enlarge, or re-shaped your butt and both heavy dieting and rigorous exercise have not provided results, then this surgical procedure is ideal for you.

The surgery can be approached through a variety of ways:

through implants,

fat transfer (through your own fat,

or autologous fat) and fillers (Aqua-filling gel).

Over the last few decades this procedure has becoming increasingly popular and accepted.

Both men and women that have gone through with the procedure enjoy the results and overall body transformation

In the event of the “fat transfer” procedure, the fat is vacuumed from the waist area. The fat is then “cleaned”, filtered and centrifuged before being injected into the buttocks. In the case that the skin becomes loose, it may be necessary to do a lift and a tightening of the region.

A newer, and a procedure that yields great results is the Brazilian Butt Lift. This is a procedure that uses implants in order to enlarge and shape the butt.  The procedure is very similar to that of the breast implant. The implants are inserted into the butt, through small hidden incisions which are located in between both the cheeks (in the mid-line projection of the tail bone), which gives an impressive, constant result that does not hinder everyday life or even the physical activity of the patient.

Enlargement of the buttocks through the transfer of fat transfer

Enlargement of the buttock can be achieved by using the patient’s own fat tissue. This method can be taken into account when there is sufficient amount of fat present in the body usually around the stomach or the lower part of the body. The excessive fatty tissue is removed by liposuction and then “cleaned” through special methods, and then again injected into the buttocks (it is injected into the subcutaneous tissue, in the muscle itself or below the muscle). This enhances the complete appearance of the buttocks. This type of surgery can be performed under general or local anesthesia and leaves no visible scars. After surgery, the patient is unable to sit and lie on their back for 10-15 days.

Staying in the hospital post fat transfer buttock enlargement surgery.

After the surgery has been completed the patient will generally be discharged the same day or will be held in the recovery room for 1 hospital day or as agreed with their surgeon.

Using Implants to enlarge the Buttocks

Galerija Pre i Posle - Uvećanje zadnjiceAnother method of enlarging the buttocks is through the use of implants. This method is particularly intended for patients who are thin and are not good candidates for the fat transfer method, but would like to increase, reshape their buttocks. Therefore, the use of intramuscularly implants is highly recommended in these cases. Enlargement of the buttocks is achieved through the placement of an implant (filled with silicone gel) underneath the gluteal muscle, or in the gluteal muscle itself.  This method is performed through an incision in the mid-line in the projection of the tail bone. The intervention is done in total anesthesia and lasts for 1-2 hours and is completely comfortable for the patient. Patients are then held in intensive care, and then transferred to the infirmary, for further care and evaluation. As with the first case, the patient will not be able to lie on their back or sit for up to 10 days after the surgical intervention.

Staying in the hospital post implant buttock enlargement surgery.

After the implant surgery is performed the patient will stay in the hospital for 1-4 days or as agreed upon with their surgeon.

Enlargement of the buttocks using fillers.

Enlargement of the buttocks using fillers (Aqua-filling gel) is a procedure that is done through the injection of fillers in the subcutaneous region of the tissue. (The region between the skin and the cushion muscles). The fillers are injected through incisions of about 2-3 mm. This surgical method is generally a much more comfortable approach for the patient.

After this intervention, the patient will not be able to sit or lay on their backs for about 10 days.

Staying in the hospital post filler enlargement surgery.

After the implant surgery is performed the patient may be discharged from the hospital the same day for home care or held at the hospital as agreed upon with their surgeon.

Are you an ideal candidate for this procedure?

The enlargement of the buttocks’ is a procedure that has an overall intention of creating and forming a natural curvature for the patient. It can create a more voluptuous, circular form on a flatter smaller gluteal region, which can balance itself out with the rest of the body.

    • If your buttocks are small compared to the rest of your body, and you want your body to look more proportioned.
    • If your buttocks are small, flat and “square shaped”, and you would like a younger fuller look.
    • If you have lost weight or the aging process has resulted in a less firm, relaxed and flatter look to the buttocks.
    • If your clothing or bathing suit do not fit correctly, or do not feel confident in the way you look in them.
    • If you are in generally good physical health, have a positive outlook and realistic expectation, you are probably a good candidate for this procedure.

 Recovery process after the surgical enlargement of the buttocks.

Enlargement of the Buttocks
Enlargement of the Buttocks

 After the procedures of fat transfer, filler, or implant have done, one should avoid sitting or lying down on your gluteal region for 2-3 weeks in order to achieve the maximum aesthetic results. During this period, the patient will be required to wear a compression suit for in order to lower the swelling. The patient might experience some pain, bruising and discomfort post-surgery. The swelling should subside after about the 6th week of recovery.

In the case of enlargement via fat transfer, as was stated earlier, the patient will not be able to sit for 10-15 days, with a minimum amount of swelling and pain present. If the procedure called for the use of implants, it is advised against the squatting motion or the overuse of the hips for a period of a week, and the avoidance of sitting for 10-14 days. During this period of recovery, it is crucial that the patient lays down on a flat surface so that the layers of muscle tissue can heal correctly. If there is any post-operative pain or feel uncomfortable it can be easily regulated through the use of the properly prescribed pain killers.

The majority of patients return to work in a span of two weeks’ post- operation and can continue on with their regular activities four months’ post procedure.

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