Laser facial peeling

Laser facial peeling

The laser is based on the physical principle of light amplification stimulated by the emission of electromagnetic radiation. This is a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. This means that carbon dioxide stimulates the emission of electromagnetic radiation. The advantage of coherent light is that it gives light of a clearly defined wavelength. It is radiation that belongs to the infrared part of the spectrum, respectively thermal radiation.

Dr. Lazar Pajević: ” The first applications were for cutting and shaping solid materials, most often metals in industry. Soon after that, the use of lasers in medicine began, where it is used mainly in surgery of all types of tissues. Lasers are often used in dentistry. It started about fifteen years ago. There are more and more surgeries in Belgrade that use a carbon dioxide laser instead of various turbines and other things. viruses. It’s an absolutely sterile incision. At the same time, it stops bleeding.

The carbon dioxide laser has great application in aesthetics. Especially aesthetics of the face (laser facial peeling), neck and cleavage. The laser has several modes of operation, which the doctor adjusts in relation to the condition of the skin.

Facial laser peeling - Atlas general hospital

How the laser affects the skin and what effects it produces

Dr. Lazar Pajević: ” Apart from the physical action of the laser and the removal of the surface layer of the skin, the laser makes small openings of micron size, through the dermis, which improves the growth of blood vessels and fibroblasts from the depths. The laser also has a biological effect. – in the process of healing and repair of tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc. Specifically, this laser can be used approximately on the whole body, except for the program for rejuvenation of all parts of the body.The laser has a special program for gynecological application. Also, the laser involves the physical removal of the surface layer of the epithelium. The laser literally resets the epithelium and promotes the formation of new epithelium and the formation of new fibers. At the same time, the laser gives the effect of vaginoplasty or narrowing of the vaginal canal. ”

The laser is used to treat scars and remove all changes in the skin – from pigmentation to skin tumors. When we say rejuvenation, we mean the rejuvenation of all parts of the body, and we know how important our face is. The face is a mirror of our life and reflects our age, suffering and stress, but also carefreeness and satisfaction. Also, the person “tells” how much we nurtured him or not. We do not neglect the hereditary factor – the sensitivity of facial skin and susceptibility to various influences.

Dr. Lazar Pajević: ” External factors leave a great effect on the condition of the skin, especially natural elements such as UV radiation, cold, excessive heat, etc. All this leads to premature aging of the skin,  these factors accelerate degenerative processes on the skin.”

Laser facial skin peeling

What type of skin is affected by laser peeling and what happens during the treatment?

Dr. Lazar Pajević: ” This type of treatment can be good for people who have seborrheic skin with enlarged pores. Also, for people who have numerous small wrinkles in the region between the eyebrows, forehead, around the eyes and on the cheeks. By physically removing the superficial layer of skin and creating new tissue from the depths alleviates all these wrinkles, narrows pores, reduces sebum secretion, etc. In any case, the laser gives a good effect on the facial skin. ”

It is recommended to do this treatment from early autumn to late spring, because then the skin should not be exposed to the sun. The treatment can be done over the summer, but then it is necessary to protect the face from direct sun exposure or to use protective creams.

How many treatments are needed and whether they should be repeated annually

Dr. Lazar Pajević: ” Someone uses more aggressive treatments when there are literally wounds on the face and it passes and heals over a long period of time. The effect is of course good, but recovery is long. There is another approach, where more mild treatments are done with little output forces and during which wounds and burns will not be created on the face. The treatments can be repeated in a certain period of time. ”

We do not all age equally fast, so the recommendation for this treatment is determined individually.

Our model is a passionate smoker. In any case, it has a very harmful effect on the skin. All degenerative processes are also faster and that microcirculation in the skin is weaker than in non-smokers. Therefore, all these changes are noticeable. ”

Dr. Lazar Pajević: ” How do you tolerate laser facial peeling? Is it painful? ”

Patient: ” I feel a slight tingling, it doesn’t hurt terribly.”

Dr. Lazar Pajević: ” It all depends on the output power that is chosen and the duration of the pulse. The laser makes micro holes in the skin that are arranged in rows and columns and thus literally evaporates the surface layer of the skin and so we cross the whole face. and smells in the room when doing this treatment or burns the tissue.These treatments can also be invasive – to literally create burns on the face and the healing process takes much longer.In any case, after the treatment there is a pain and it feels like that you have been sunburned. For this reason, masks are put on that cool and hydrate the skin. ”

Results after 7 days of treatment:

Patient before and after facial laser peeling

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