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Antiaging | AQUAfilling

AQUAfilling, a hydrophilic gel composed  of 98% of water and 2% of polyamid, is a non surgical treatment for body contouring.


The team of plastic surgeons in Atlas Estetic Clinic, Dr. Lazar Pajević and Dr. Nataša Popović have a lot of experience using this filler and there are numerous satisfied patients.

How long does the effect last?

It is biocompatible with human tissue and owing to its structure, the degradation is slow and lasts between 5 and 8 years.

Gel does not decrease conductivity in tissues but blocks free oxygen radicals with negative electrical charge, thus increasing tissue resistence to ageing.

What parts of the body is it used for?

It is used for facial correction, breast and buttocks contouring as well as correction of body defects.

It is ideal for correcting breast asymmetry and for breast augmentation.

AQUAfilling AQUAfilling

Aqua gel gives a totally natural look if breasts are to be enlarged for one or two bra sizes. If breasts are to be augmented for more than two sizes, silicon implants are the best choice.

There is no possibility of gel migration, fragmentation or formation of hard fiber capsules, there is no inflammation infiltration at the injected site and the effect lasts up to eight years.

Concerning body corrections, aqua filling is used where there is not enough subcutaneous tissue.

Using the adequate amounts of filler can enlarge or lift the buttocks. The same effect is obtained in patients who wish to have their thin calves thickened.

Aquafilling is effectively used for face rejuvenating because it lasts four times longer.

Aquafillng is used to treat the following regions: lips, nasolabial lines, cheek bones, the chin etc.

How is this procedure carried out?

This procedure is carried out without anesthesia but in some extremely sensitive patients analgosedation can be used.

This intervention is carried out under sterile conditions in the operating theater.

This intervention does not require any pre-operative.

After the intervention, patients can immediately get back to their daily activities without any limitations.