Cheekbones correction

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Cheekbones correction

The cheekbones are a key element in both the harmonization and the essential beauty of the face.

cheekbones correction
cheekbones correction

If there is any genetic or accidental cause of volume loss in this area, it can be restored through cheekbone correction. This procedure can be done through either surgical or non-surgical methods.

Age is also an influence of the variation in shape and position of the cheekbones. The correction of the cheekbones in the later subsequent years of life can significantly improve the appearance of the face, making it look fresher and younger.

It is for these reasons, that aesthetic cheekbone correction is preformed mainly by emphasizing and enlarging the cheekbones.

Often a correction of just a few millimeters is enough to achieve the desired results. In any case, an aesthetic surgeon can help you make the right choice. At Atlas General Hospital, during your consultations, you can talk freely and openly about which treatment is most appropriate for you.

How is Corrective surgery of the Cheekbones done

The cheekbone correction is performed by the following procedures:

– Injectable Filters

– Transplantation of fat tissue – transfer of one’s own fat to the patient

– Insert implants

Emphasizing the cheekbones with the help of fillers

The shape of the face, especially the bone structure, determines the appearance of your face. When old, subcutaneous tissue begins to relax and change the face shape. Face fillers can rejuvenate and help improve the shape of your face.

We distinguish two types of fillers that make chest corrections:

– biodegradable filets

– non-degradable filets

Biologically degradable filers break down the body over time, which means their effect slowly disappears. The most famous fillers used to emphasize the cheekbones are based on hyaluronic acid. Filters are injected with very thin cannulas or needles so that there are no scars.

Biodegradable fillers last up to two years, and then the treatment can be repeated.

The advantage of non-degradable fillers is that you need only one treatment, with the option of refinement. The result is durable, and long lasting.

A few days after the treatment you will see definitive results. If you choose temporary fillers, you can repeat the treatment after 1 to 2 years.

Fat-transplantation – cheekbone enhancement through one’s own fat tissue (lipostructure)

Lipofiling, lipostructure – a procedure that is also called fat transfer or fat-transplant- is very successful in filling up the cheekbone lines. This cheek correction procedure is natural and minimally invasive, and the results can even be as effective as with a more invasive surgical intervention. The excess fat is taken from the stomach or hip regions, and is used to provide an additional amount of volume and contours to your cheekbones. The fat is injected with very thin needles or “cannulas”, so that after the procedure is performed no scarring will be visible.

The treatment results permanent. With certain results are visible only 8 weeks after the treatment. In this case after the first treatment, a second treatment may be necessary, since fat cells do not always adjust in their new environment in a symmetrical manner.

Emphasizing Cheekbones with implants

This cheekbone augmentation is done by emphasizing the cheekbones using implants. The surgeon inserts the implant through a small incision into the interior portion of the eye or the inside of the mouth (mucous membrane of the upper lip), so there are no visible scars on the outside of the face.

Surgery and anesthesia

Implants can also be inserted while the patient is under local anesthesia. However, the patient often chooses intravenous sedation. The procedure lasts between one and two hours while you are under sedation. General anesthesia is not necessary.

Recovery after cheekbones correction

With this type of cheekbone augmentation, you can return home a few hours after surgery

The surgeon will apply a protective bandage which can be removed after several days. After the procedure, your face will be swollen and may be bruised. It may take several weeks before all the desired results become visible.


As with other operations, there is always a risk of getting an infection, asymmetry or rejection of the implants. In some cases, the implant maybe removed. If you experience any type of pain with a fever for several days after the procedure, please contact a doctor immediately.

The final results are visible only a few weeks after the procedure, after the swelling and bruising pass. Cheekbone augmentation with implants doesn’t leave any visible scars. The results of enlarged augmented cheekbones are permanent. If necessary, the implants can be removed.

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