Surgical Facial Corrections with Matrix Implants

Surgical Facial Corrections with Matrix Implants

Changes in the face can be achieved through non-invasive and invasive methods. Non-invasive methods typically involve the use of hyaluronic acid fillers, which, when applied, achieve desired changes in the face. The use of fillers is a temporary method, and the results usually last from 3 to 12 months depending on the method and characteristics of the material used.

Surgical correction methods involve the use of silicone implants to achieve permanent results – and at Atlas Clinic, with the help of modern, safe implants from the American brand Matrix, we achieve corrections in the appearance of cheeks, chin, and jawline.

Cheek Correction with Matrix Implants

The cheeks, with their shape and volume, significantly affect the appearance of the mid-face. The shape is primarily influenced by the zygomatic bones, as well as the arrangement of subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue. With aging, collagen fibers of connective tissue are lost, leading to inevitable changes such as sagging skin and a tired appearance.

Correction of the cheek area is most commonly achieved by volume augmentation, simultaneously reducing wrinkles in the region and correcting minor irregularities.

Accentuating the cheeks involves a surgical method of inserting Matrix implants through a small incision on the mucosa of the upper lip or the inner part of the lower eyelid, thereby avoiding incisions and scars on the facial skin.

Jawline Correction

Asymmetry of the jawline has a significant impact on the appearance of the lower third of the face. It can arise from congenital conditions, be associated with developmental defects, but can also occur after injuries to the head and neck region, as well as physiologically as part of the aging process.

Correction of the jawline can be performed non-surgically, using fillers, which provide a temporary solution, thus requiring repeated procedures. Additionally, corrections can be made with Matrix implants, achieving a permanent and desired result.

What is the course of the intervention with Matrix implants?

Depending on the patient’s preference, the intervention can be performed under local anesthesia or analgosedation. The intervention lasts about 1-2 hours, and after the surgery, the hospital stay lasts for several hours, after which the patient goes home.

Immediate recovery involves facial swelling of varying degrees, which subsides within 2-4 weeks, so patience is necessary for a permanent result.

Before the surgery, a consultation with a plastic surgeon is necessary, during which you can ask all your questions, and the surgeon will take into account all the individual characteristics and needs of the patient.