Eyebrow lift

Cosmetic facial surgery

Eyebrow lift lessens the signs of aging

Droopy eyebrow can be inborn of acquired facial characteristics. If you have tired face expression, feeling of heaviness or you have sensation that your eyelids close your visual field-with this intervention all this can be removed.

Very quickly, in local or general anesthesia we are able to make some corrections of brow height, make lift of the brows in inner, middle or outer part or in all three regions. eyebrow lifting

With the help of operational treatment that we offer, eyebrows can be lifted easily and efficiently.

Brow lifting procedure can give you higher brow position for several millimeters. Sometimes it is enough to lift brows and to get effect of open, clear and youthful look. Recently it is possible to achieve this effect with application of Botox injection. However, this effect is limited, it lasts from 6 to 8 months. If you want durable correction- it is necessary to do minor surgical intervention in local or general anesthesia.  For eyebrow lifting in full length, three small cuts are made in hairy part of the forehead and therefore scar is minimal and practically invisible. Brow lifting can also be achieved using resorptive threads or threads that stays for good.

During this intervention, if you decide for local anesthesia, you will not sleep and can decide together with surgeon how much eyebrows will be lifted. In the same act you can do operation of the upper or lower eyelids or filler application, which would be complete treatment for rejuvenation of this part of the face.


Recovery after the intervention of brow lift

Recovery after brow lift is very fast. The day after the intervention you can return to your regular daily activities.  Skin above forehead will be folded and it lasts for 15 days. Folds disappear on their own, and eyebrows remain lifted.