What is intimate aesthetic surgery and who are the most common patients?

What is intimate aesthetic surgery and who are the most common patients?

The appearance and feeling in the vaginal area has a great significance in the life of a woman, and is related to both the sense of self-esteem and the sexual life itself, while the discomfort associated with the irregular function and appearance of the vagina seriously affects the psychological state of the woman.

More and more women are choosing cosmetic and surgical procedures that will improve the look and feel of their pubic regions. Such solutions mainly include reconstruction, tension, size reduction and beautification of the vagina.

The general level of culture looks at the genitals of both men and women. There are more and more men who want a much thicker, somewhat larger and aesthetically beautiful penis. Excessive amounts of fat and skin on the stomach and above the pubic region makes males feel inadequate about their appearance. An apron in and around the pubic region from the fat tissue and skin, located above the penis, which, other than visually looking displeasing, also reduces the size of the penis.


What is intimate aesthetic surgery and who are the most common patients?

Under the umbrella of intimate surgery, the most common is that on the genital area. Patients are usually women, who come into correct things that make them feel insecure. It’s mostly occupied with corrections of the outer parts of the vagina in order to create a youthful look, and improve overall hygiene. This involves the correction of the small vaginal lips or the reduction or enlargement of the larger vaginal lips. The novelty treatment is that the G-Spot is increased by Hyaluron in order to improve and enhance the quality of sex life. With the same goal, the use of Hyaluron on the vaginal epithelium is becoming more and more common.

What are the demands of the male population?

It is mostly about correction of their sex organs, that is, the increase and the thickening of the penis.

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What are the patients who opt for these operations most scared of?

These fears do not differ much from the fears of people who engage in some other surgical intervention. The only difference is in the psychological status of the patient if this anecdotal defect prevented them from having a normal quality of life. We help them in such situations.

What complications are most common?

Every surgery has its complications, early and late. Perhaps when talking about the genital region there is a somewhat higher risk of infection due to the presence of bacteria. However, the biggest problem is if the patient is dissatisfied with the final appearance after the intervention.