Tightening of the skin with 3D meso threads

Tightening of the skin with 3D meso threads

By aging of the face skin many women lose a good opinion about their physical appearance, which affects their self-esteem. It is imminent that skin with age, after forties, loses elasticity due to thinning and reduced collagen and elastin secretion. The loss of skin tone and cheeks that are “hanging” are condition which is desirable to treat as early as possible in order to prevent more drastic signs of skin aging.

For many ladies, classical surgical  facelift and botox injection are not an acceptable option to solve this problem. The innovative 3D meso threads method is a non-operative and minimal aggressive method, which achieves fascinating results of skin tension and rejuvenation.

What are the 3D meso threads

3D Mezo threads are fibers made of biodegradable and hypoallergenic material, used in cardiac surgery. Meso threads are absorbed in the body within four to six months of placement. A natural collagen network is formed in their place. This network supports the skin and gives it the freshness and sturdiness. Meso threads create a net, because very thin needles are inserted into deeper layers of skin in different directions and levels.

3D meso treads

This net is harmoniously absorbed into the tissue and a strong lifting effect is achieved. There are several types of meso threads  for different applications: long, short, smooth, spiral and different thickness. The method of 3D meso threads efficiently solves the problem of:

  • relaxed skin of face
  • neck and neckline
  • nasolabial wrinkles
  • neutralization of horizontal wrinkles at the forehead
  • relaxed cheekbones and many other problems

By applying meso threads to the deeper layers of the skin processes of tissue regeneration are initiated, and the skin looks five to seven years younger.

Cosmetic application of meso threads

It is a non-surgical procedure that can be combined with other aesthetic procedures such as hyaluronic fillers and mesotherapy. The method of placing the 3D meso threads does not leave any scars, it is painless, and the recovery is fast. Beside the face, meso threads  can also be used to tighten the skin of neck, neckline, stomach after pregnancy, inner side of the thighs and knees. This method solves the problem of excess skin that remains hanging in a natural way. The procedure begins with the application of anesthetics creams, and then the needles with the meso threads and lasts for about half an hour.

A few hours before and after applying the mezo treads, smoking, physical activity and alcohol consumption are not recommended. A few days before and after the procedure, the use of drugs such as Aspirin and medication for allergy should be avoided. Generally during the face treatment, 20 to 50 meso threads are used. After applying this method there are no negative effects on the mimic. After a few days, it is possible to feel the slight tightening of the treated region.

The effects of the meso threads and their duration

The meso threads are more popular in the world, because after their application there is not too tight and unnatural face. The resulting effect looks completely natural and lasts about two years, after which repetition is recommended. The result is visible immediately after the application because the meso threads are giving mechanical support to the tissue. The best effect is visible after three months when the skin revitalization process (the creation of collagen and new blood vessels) is initiated.

Improved microcirculation gives the skin a healthier appearance and a better tonus. Also, a redefinition of facial contours can be achieved. In just half an hour, which is the duration of 3D mezo threads treatment, the natural tension of the face and body skin can be achieved. Experts for this method from Atlas Estetic are at your disposal for expert consultation.