Scar removal brings smile back to face

Scar removal brings smile back to face

Scars, memories that are nor dear to us, caused while handling sharp or hot objects, as well as those that reminds us on operating table, we would rather “delete” permanently.

Sometimes these traces of the past on the skin can be cause of long dissatisfaction or frustration with physical appearance. Removal of scars is very difficult, unless you refer to professional plastic surgeon.

Our time have influence on the view that we have toward scars in two ways. In time of idealization of physical beauty people will usually feel their own imperfect skin as ugly and socially unacceptable. Also, we are usually in a hurry which affects implementation and persistence of home therapies as cremes and ointments that are made for reduction of the scars.

scar removal

On the market there are many products that are used for scar removal, but use of these products is questionable.  This is one of the reason why people decide to use one of medical methods for its removal.

What are scars?

Scar is change on the skin that is formed as an attempt of the body to heal trauma after cutting, burning or after operation when scar tissue is formed. Thus damaged skin is replaced with connective tissue. Scar is not elastic because it does not contain elastic tissue, and this is the reason why we can sometimes see that scar is stretched.

On the spot of the scar usually we have damage on the hair follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands. Appearance and depth of the scars depends on the type of skin damage and possibility of regeneration of the the body itself.

Scars can be:

Atrophic scars –  where it can be seen small white field or field with pigment. Usually this type of scar can be seen in acne.
Hypertrophic scars – that are little protruded above level of the skin, usually are with flattened edges, reddish and hard on touch.
Keloid scars – nodes that are red, often itching and surface becomes usually larger. Keloids can have irregular edges and can last for years, and with time becomes harder.

Scar removal method

For scar removal it is very important time of it appearance because with time efficacy of some methods is reduced.  Before any treatment doctor will find the right diagnose, dimensions, position, pigmentation, age of the scar and determine the most adequate method for its removal.

In Atlas Estetic we perform these methods of the scar removal: 

  • Surgical method is suitable for removal of rough, hypertrohic scars, keloids and scars that remain after large burns.
  • Scar is usually being cut and healthy surrounding tissue is moved toward damaged place and is being replaced. If it is larger surface expanders of the tissue are being placed under the skin so it can be stretched for some time until enough of the healthy skin is get so that damaged place then can be covered.

Steroid injections

Steroid injections are injected into the scar and as a result we have reduced its surface and softer tissue.

Compression therapy are performed in early phases of occurrence of the scar, after operation. Compression is  performed using special elastic bandage that is worn for 24 hours for certain period of time.

Retinoic acid has ability to reduce production of collagen and with its use we get more acceptable appearance of the scar.

Silicon treatments are applicated in hypertrophic scars and can be in form of tile or gel that is applicated.

Z plastic is operative technique that is used for scar removal that interfere with  some functions because of the skin’s straining. For example, there is sometimes inability to bend fingers due to shortening of the scar skin.

If there is need, doctors will decide for others, complementary methods so the effect of the scar removal should be as good as possible.

Painless scar removal

Interventions which alleviate and remove scars are most commonly performed in local anesthesia and rarely require longer recovery. In order to have faster and finer healing of the wound, we advice you to avoid physical strain of the body side where the wound is placed. On the surgery day , it is advisable to avoid hygiene and skin care preparations.

After procedure, it is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun of the treated section for several months.

Atlas estetic experts are available to you for any scar removal problems.