Say no to droopy eyelids and rejuvenate yourself to look ten years younger!

Say no to droopy eyelids and rejuvenate yourself to look ten years younger!

Your Beauty will not fade for years to come!

Droopy and lowered eyelids are synonymous with aging and most middle aged and older people feel that their true age becomes evident with their droopy eyelids. The surgical removal of the skin surrounding the lower eyelids is not risky, and it has great effect for rejuvenating the skin on your face. It can be said that the removal of this surroundings skin can substantially change a persons appearance making them seem up to ten years younger.

This surgery is one of the most important in modern anti-aging medicine and at the same time of one of the most popular aesthetic procedures done to date. From interviews with patients, we noticed that this intervention is important for increasing self-confidence, especially amongst women.

The Inevitable Aging of the Skin

The structure of facial skin goes thinner with age because collagen and elastin, which are very important for its structure and vitality, become less elastic, and end up losing their tightness drooping toward the neck.  This is especially noticeable on the skin around the eyes. The first signs of skin aging are visible just around the eye because the skin in this region is usually thinner and sensitive.

When the skin around the eyelids starts to hang, it is possible to hold it with your fingers. The eyelids are also impaired due to the hanging skin and this can cause functional problems in some people in relation to their field of vision. Patients end up straining themselves in order to see objects better, as their vision becomes more impaired due to the hanging excess skin.

From the lower region of the eyelids, bags that give the face a tired and exhausted look are formed. Different creams and serums can slightly help the skin to reduce aging to a certain extent, but can not alter the specific condition. Heavy wrinkles, bags under the eyes and relaxed skin around the eyelids can be removed only by the operation that removes the excess skin.

Eyelid Lift – By Atlas Aesthetics

The Eyelid lift operation

Eyelid surgery eliminates excess skin and fat tissue that forms the sac under the eyes, and further tightening gives you a better tone and younger look. Eyelid surgery is performed in general or local Anesthesia and takes about an hour. The cut is small, discreet and well hidden in the natural patterns of the eye.

In the operation of the lower eyelid , the surgeon can hide the cut inside the natural skin curves of the eyelid, thus making it completely invisible. Both the upper and lower eyelids can be operated simultaneously, and will show the best results. However, a lot of patients decided to proceed with surgery on the skin of upper eyelid first then after seeing the results move onto the lower region.

Recovery Post- Eyelid Surgery

The patient can leave the Atlas Clinic several hours after the operation. Recovery time from the operation lasts for ten days with the obligatory placing of cold pads around the region in order to make the swelling retract.

Patients may experience lower hematomas, skin tightness, narrowing of the eyes and some light pain. The effects of the surgery are best seen after two weeks, when the swelling completely takes hold.

Complications found in eyelid surgery are practically non-occurring. The effects of the operation are lasting, but further skin aging and skin quality must be taken into consideration.  Patients need to wear sunglasses and to use the prescribed protective cosmetics as recommended by the doctor.

Your ally in the fight against aging skin

Atlas Estetic provides full support to patients of all generations in the quest to preserve their beauty. Eyelid surgery is amongst the first things the highly qualified aesthetic surgeon will present to you when you appear in a consultation with a desire to rejuvenate your face.

Atlas Aesthetics has the top experts in the field who will explain everything in detail, including the possibilities of this procedure and other facial rejuvenation methods. After this intervention, you can decide to restore and nurture your skin with methods such as chemcial peeling, mesotherapy, or PRP therapy (using your own blood). For more information please contact our call center at Atlas Aesthetic :+381 11 785 88 88 and +381 60 329 24 11.