Plastic surgery-good or bad?

Plastic surgery-good or bad?

Recently, aesthetic surgery has gained huge popularity among all generations. The reason is vertiginous progress  of techniques that can solve most complex aesthetic problems of face and body. There is no single part of the body that is not accessible for aesthetic interventions or solving functional part of this defect. As it is case in all new things, aesthetic surgery also causes  doubts and negative opinions at some people. These people are not acquainted enough or just look at cases of exaggeration in plastic surgery, that are certainly present.

Aesthetic surgery increases self-esteem

Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery can solve great number of problems that are present in all generation. Plastic surgery is efficient when it comes to anomaly that are present at birth or are acquainted (plasticos means- to sculp). Eliminating anomalies and imperfections on body can free person from psychological pressure and increasing of self esteem.  Many people will admit that nose deviation, lop ear deformity or marks on the body brought them many psychological problems.

Estetska hirurgija

Aesthetic surgery can also contribute to better self esteem and a sense of satisfaction with your body. It relies on plastic and reconstructive surgery and deals primarily with beauty aspect. Aesthetic surgeons are familiar with canon of beauty and have ideal proportions as their light motive, such as the golden cross-section.

Women who have the desire to make their body beautiful, today more often have in mind the ideals of beauty known in the contemporary world.

Specialist in Atlas Estetic will advice women certain corrections that are “personalized”and that would, as end result, harmonize their look. Harmonious and natural look of women is stimulating to all segments of life. Often women during intervention decide to change work or to change life roles. Aesthetic intervention often are seen as change in life, or moment when life should be taken in own hands.

Health reasons

Beside aesthetic reasons, many health problems can be relieved by aesthetic operation. Typical example is operation of nasal septum deviation that in the same time corrects deformity that made breathing difficult. Breast reduction operation is another good example. Certain number of patients have spine issues and body posture problems for having too large breasts.  After operation of breast reduction patient have better sleep pattern and daily activities.

Permanent solutions

Numerous operation treatments give permanent effects, for example:  rhinoplasty, otoplasty, mole removal, liposuction and many other.  Durability of effects in certain operations, such as breast seize reduction, may be diminished  due to aging or poor living habits. In order to preserve the appearance after intervention, it is advisable to abide by the rules of healthy eating and forget about cigarettes.

Disadvantages of plastic surgery

All surgical intervention also have possible risks. Most often we see some pain, swellings, hematoma, Risk of complication can be smaller if patients stick to instructions that doctor should give them before operation. Among disadvantages of aesthetic surgery we can find are costs, but with time the price is decreasing. Before chosen aesthetic surgery it is very important to weigh personal motives and resource once have, to avoid any possible dissatisfaction. Bad communication between patient and surgeon can create a problem. When you decide to have aesthetic intervention, the best thing is to say everything you have in mind to your surgeon. Feedback that you get  after evaluation of surgeon you should not underestimate. The doctors will tell you to what extent it is possible to fulfill your idea.

Risk factors

Recently great number of aesthetic intervention is in offer in beauty salons. Interventions are often performed in inadequate conditions and by personnel that is not adequately educated. Effects of such interventions can be devastating and even very dangerous. When you make decisions about aesthetic interventions you should choose clinics with specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery with licence and experience.

Your ally-Atlas Estetic

Specijalisti estetske hirurgije

Atlas Estetic is within Atlas General Hospital that is in very center of Belgrade. It is consisted of team of 5 specialists in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery  that have great experience in renominated health institutions. All your dilemmas regarding aesthetic surgery can be resolved by calling our call center and schedule consultation with our plastic surgeons:  +381 11 785 88 88 i +381 60 329 24 11.