Permanent lip augmentation – Bullhorn lip lift

Permanent lip augmentation – Bullhorn lip lift

One of the many things we notice as we age is that our lips are not as full as they used to be. Fortunately, there are many ways we can restore our youthful characteristics through cosmetic procedures. Many patients opt for fillers like Restylana, Juvederm, or Radiesse because adding volume to the lips gives us a youthful look. However, some patients opt for more invasive procedures, and among these procedures is the “Bullhorn lip lift” or surgical lip lift.

Subnasal lip lift “Bullhorn”

Lifting the lips reduces the space between the upper lip and the nostrils, while increasing the size of the lips. By lifting the skin, subnasal, ie surgical enlargement of the lips, increases the size of the lips by lifting and tightening the skin above the lip. This method is well known and is named after a cut that looks like a bull’s horn directly under the nose. The Bullhorn lift can also resolve congenital lip asymmetries and give patients a fresh, younger look.

Bullhorn lip lift

Permanent lip lift – procedure

The subnasal lip lifting technique creates a continuous scar from the nostril to the nostril in the shape of a bull’s horn. By cutting and lifting the skin, the lip is moved to a more regular position while at the same time increasing the appearance of the upper lip.


Lifting the lips with the Bull horn lift technique is performed under local anesthesia, although another type of anesthesia can be used for greater patient comfort. After preoperative planning, the skin around the mouth is first cleaned and tightened. Then, a mild anesthesia consisting of lidocaine and epinephrine is applied in the entire region of the planned procedure. Incisions will be made directly under the nostrils. The incision point begins approximately 2 mm below the columella and nasal base. Incisions follow, but do not pass inside the nostril, connecting over the base of the columella and extending only beyond the corners of the nostril. When the region is properly prepared, the skin will be cut on one third of the length of the nose and lips. Completion of the procedure involves sewing the region. The scars will not be hidden inside the nose, but they usually heal and are not immediately noticeable.

The average cost of this procedure in the world is around 3,500 dollars.

About Bullhorn lift procedure

Bullhorn lip lift is a permanent method for lifting the lips. The incision goes just below the nose, a part of the skin is cut and this procedure lifts the lip.

After the procedure, your teeth will be more visible when your lips are at rest. In that way, the upper lip looks fuller and a better facial appearance is obtained. This intervention can also make you look more youthful as the upper lip gets longer as the teeth and gums recede as they age. Surgical lip lifting can also be used to create a wide smile.

This procedure is not reserved only for elderly patients. Lifting lips can also be applied to younger people in order to achieve a better balance between lips and teeth.

Although this is a good and permanent procedure, doctor says that one should be careful when considering this intervention, because this is a surgical and not a cosmetic procedure. Also, it may turn out that the patient actually needs dental work to restore the balance of the jaw, and not this type of lip lift.

bullhorn lip lift surgery


For individuals who want a more subtle or discreet lip augmentation, hyaluronic fillers are a better option.

Who are the ideal candidates for permanent lip augmentation

Ideal candidates for this intervention are people with long and thin upper lips in relation to the non-red part of the skin under the nose, people who have a pronounced asymmetry of the lips and people who want a permanent solution for lip augmentation and lifting as well as more visible teeth while the mouth is at rest. .