Medical treatment that wipes bags under eye

Medical treatment that wipes bags under eye

A beautifil glaze is what is first remembered when we see someone. If a person has bags under eye, he may not give such a good impression to others, as it could be before bags appearance.

What are the bags under eyes?

Under eye bags  are a dark color part of the skin under the eyes, which can even be uncomfortably hanging in the form of a small bags.

People with prominent under eye bags appear older, tired, or even sick.  When the appearance of the face is not cheerful and even women feel insecure, which is reflected very often in all segments of life.

Removing the unde eye bags until recently was only wish for many people, while now it is a reality.

The mesotherapy of the bags under eye can be achieved by removing or completely neutralizing the eye bags  and the skin around the eyes becomes brighter, fresher and tighter.

How under eye bags are formed?

Dark under eye bags may occur due to certain disorders and some serious diseases, such as menstrual cycle disorders, hypothyroidism, allergies and kidney problems.

In addition to health problems, dark eye bags can be caused by:

  • insufficiency
  • poor diet
  • smoking
  • long sitting
  • eyes rubbing
  • and genetics

They are caused by the decomposition of blood that eventually settles down into the tissue under the eyes and gives the skin a blue-brown color. Dark clouds appear in both the elderly and the younger ones of both sexes.

Mesotherapy against under eye bags

Mesotherapy cocktails, which contain vitamins and substances for improving and tension of the skin, have been extremely good in the treatment of the underlying skin. Removing of under eye bags was never easier.

Mesotherapy against under eye bags

After the examination, a specialist will determine that it is not a matter of serious illnesses and disorders that require treatment and that it is possible to access mesotherapy, and to what extent and composition.

Prior to mesotherapy, drugs such as aspirin should not be used, and after exposure to mesotherapy, sun exposure should be avoided for several days.

Mesotherapy is performed by injecting mesotherapy cocktails with thin elastic needles directly into the mezoderm (central skin layer). The needle stings are carried out at precisely defined places, at a precisely determined spacing and at a certain angle.

Before mesotherapy anesthetics can be applied in the form of a cream to make the treatment more pleasant. Mesotherapy of the under eye bags lasts fifteen minutes. The treatment should be repeated three to six times, with a space of two weeks.

Effects and recovery

The skin under the eyes becomes brighter and fresher, as it could be seen right after the first treatment. Deeper skin structure becomes more qualitative because it restores connective tissue that has become weaker due to aging.

Needle stitches stimulate the production of collagen, and the skin becomes tighter and elastic. The face gets a younger and fresher look, without dark under eye cirkles  and under eye bags. To maintain this look, it is necessary to repeat mesotherapy occasionally and to listen to the advice of a doctor about lifestyle changes.

The mesotherapy of the under eye bags perfectly matches the  hyaluronic filers. To completely rejuvenate the skin around the eye, it is recommended to lift the eyelid surgically, and all the above procedures can be done quickly  at the Atlas Hospital.

After mesotherapy, it is not necessary to separate a particular recovery time, but patients can immediately return to their obligations. If bruises appear at the site of the sting, cold compresses can be placed, but this rarely occurs.

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