Male Penile Enlargement Surgery

Male Penile Enlargement Surgery

When a man is dissatisfied with his intimate region, it negatively influences his self-confidence. There are a variety of reasons why a man may turn to intimate cosmetic surgery, ranging from individual physiological dissatisfaction, to some health issues that may influence the physical aspect of his relationship with his partner.

It is very difficult to find the exact statistics indicating the number of men worldwide that are not satisfied with their endowment, whether it is in the realm of aesthetics or function.

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However, some unofficial data have presented that indicate a 1/3 of all men are concerned. There is a solution for these individuals and their endowment issues. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the experts, either psychologists and/or aesthetic surgeons. When the dissatisfaction that plagues the patient involves length and girth of the penis, an aesthetic surgeon will most likely be the adequate solution.

It is believed that the normal and average length of the penis in erect position is between 12 and 18 cm. A penis smaller than 9.5 cm in length is classified as a small penis, smaller than 2cm is classified as a micro-penis.

There are cases in which the man is dissatisfied with the shape of his penis, from subjective perspective or due to objective injuries to the geometry of the penis(deformation of the glans, or the penile head). When we say “penis enlargement” , this intervention includes length, girth(width) or a combination of length and girth (width). With this procedure, the erective function of the penis cannot be changed. Penis Enlargement Operations have been performed for over 40 years around the world. The experts at Atlas aesthetic have an extensive experience, and long-standing practice within this field.

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The most common interventions are those related to the surgical enlargement of the penis. These interventions encompass two types of surgery:

Penile Enlargement Surgery:

The penis enlargement procedure is one that relies on enhancing what is already there through the release of ligaments(ligamentotomy) underneath the base of the penis that are attached to the pubic bone, and the penis thus becoming more pronounced. With this form of intervention, it is possible to extend the penis length an additional 2-3 cm. This procedure does not change the original dimensions of the penis in width, rather only length is pronounced, which lead to the desired results. This operation is performed underneath general anesthesia.

Surgical Penile Girth Enlargement:

Increasing penile girth is a surgical procedure that involves adding thickness to the penis, which is usually done by removing fat from other parts of the body where fat is high, such as the abdomen. The fat is then “purified” and injected under the skin on the penis. Injecting one’s own fat tissue, it is possible to increase the circumference and length of the penis by 2cm. injected purified fat under the skin of the penis. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

The “Lipophilization” technique (which is the transplantation of your own fatty tissue) is performed through a first phase intervention that extracts adipose cells through specific skin punctures in the selected donor areas (abdomen, thigh) using a syringe and a hollow needle (cannula).  Due to the rounded edge of the cannula, large blood vessels and nerves cannot be damaged when the needle is stuck underneath the skin. The needle absorbs only the fat cells into the syringe, as well as a small amount of blood that is formed when small blood vessels are slightly by taking a syringe and hollow needle (cannula) in the first stage of the surgical intervention of the adipose cell through specific skin punctures in the donor areas (abdomen, thigh). Due to the fact that the end of the cannula is rounded, large blood vessels and nerves cannot be damaged when the needle moves under the skin. Only the fat cells are absorbed into the syringe, as well as the small amount of blood that is formed when small blood vessels are damaged.  A special method is then preformed, in which fat is suspended, which allows “pure” fatty tissue to be obtained. This “pure” fatty tissue is then injected into thin layers beneath the skin of the penis through micro-punctures.

Other available procedures of male genital surgery include both scrotal reduction and testicular implants.

Scrotoplasty or Scrotal Reduction

Scrotal reduction or scrotoplasty is the removal of excess skin around the scrotum. This procedure could be a highly sought after by men that are not satisfied with the size of their scrotum, or, in some rare instances some that have an inherited illness.

Testicular Implants:

The Testicular Implant procedure is a procedure that is sought after by men that have lost a testicle during an invasive procedure, through the removal of a tumor, or by men who have not had their testicles develop naturally. It should be noted that these procedures do not impact the erectile function of the penis.

Penis enlargement and girth enlargement can be performed in one procedure and the results are visible immediately.

Reasons why you should opt for surgical extension of the penis:

  • the simplicity and safety of this surgical intervention;
  • a positive impact on the sexual and psychological health of a man;
  • improving the quality of the intimate life of a man;
  • improving the quality of his partner’s intimate life;
  • preserving an enlarged length of the penis for a lifetime

It is widely known that a quality sex life is very important, so after surgery patients generally have a higher level of self-esteem, which in turn effects their quality of life in general.

Penis Enlargement has the following contradictions: 

  • oncological diseases;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • worsening of chronic diseases of the urogenital system (prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis);
  • genital herpes;
  • the presence of ulcers and penis wounds.
  • bleeding disorders;
  • The patient has mental disorders.


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