Looking good is as important to modern men as to women – Metthew Haines

Looking good is as important to modern men as to women – Metthew Haines

Looking good is as important to modern men as to women. When it comes to plastic surgery, it is women that we first think of. However, looking good is as important to modern men as to women. One of the very common but treatable problems that can`t be eliminated by any amount of exercise or diet is gynecomastia, known as man` s breasts. But not to worry: this is where plastic surgery comes to rescue!


In an interview with Atlas hospital, Metthew Haines opened up about his plastic surgery.

Gynecomastia expirience - Matthew Haines

Matthew  how did you find out about Atlas hospital?

 Matthew: So when looking to do my surgery, I’ve done some research across the Internet, I have contacted many cosmetic surgeons to do this. When I came across Atlas I discovered good consultation level. They were speaking back to me in the way that I found was very respectful and also they gave me the information I needed. This was really good for me, and I think cosmetic surgeons in UK and elsewhere in the world don’t give you this level of consultations. They were very kean just to get me booked in, rather than just to see what I needed and just to speak to me, which Atlas did and was very good at.


Which kind of surgery have you had at Atlas hospital?

 Matthew: So I had gynecomastia surgery. This is where they remove breast and fat issues from the chest. It’s quite sensitive subject with lots of men to have breast tissue, but at Atlas they were very sympathetic and also very understanding, they had experts in the field.


Are you satisfied with the results?

Matthew: Three days after the operation I had a look and the result was really very impressive. It’s now a week passed, and, again, it keeps healing and keeps improving and the result is much better than I expected.


Can you tell us something more about healthcare conditions in the hospital? Did you like the meals, our hospital staff and hospital stay?

Matthew: For this particular type of surgery across Europe, the UK, and the US it’s generally conducted relatively quickly, but they like to get you out of the hospital quickly.

In Atlas I was obviously traveling to another country, I was very concerned for my safety, about my health, but they insisted that I’d stay over night, they monitored me, they checked me every few hours.

The nurses were very, very friendly and everybody spoke very good English, and again, the food was the best hospital food I’ve ever tasted and all of the staff were very, very supportive.


How would you rate services at Atlas hospital?

Matthew: While spending time in hospital I met people with not just cosmetic procedures but I met people who had surgery to correct or fix issues with bones with legs, and I noticed that the service that everyone was receiving, not just with the cosmetic corrective surgery, but also people who were having these other surgeries, was very good. They were monitored, they were cared for and they were looked after.


Since you come from UK, can you make a comparison of quality-price ratio in Serbia with the one in UK?

Matthew: So, I’ve done some inquiring in the UK regarding this surgery it's around two to three times the cost, and this doesn’t include some of the follow-up consultations and also some of the additional garments and materials you might have to purchase, so in Serbia, it is generally around two to three times less than the cost in the UK.


Are you satisfied with your looks now?

 Matthew: I’m continuing to heal but the look at the moment is much better than expected. I think that the doctors here are the experts in their field. I think they know what they are doing and I think if you are ever gonna choose a surgery you should definitely choose Atlas.


At some point in life 30 percent of men deal with the problem of enlarged breasts. Our bodies are not always perfect, but there is a solution. Get it off your chest, don’t be ashamed to ask for a little help.


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