How to regain lost confidence

How to regain lost confidence

We can not change everything, but we can change something. That is why it is important to begin to bring changes in your life, as soon as you notice any discontent, unhappiness or when you catch yourself counting defects before the mirror. 

We have spoken with dr Bea Povinac about lack of happiness and self confidence and after her inspiring story we can conclude the following: “If you have something that bothers you, you should work on that change and make your life more beautiful”. 

It is important for your profession to be always in best edition

Bea: My profession is aesthetic stomatologist and I’m doing this job for 10 years and I think that all women in this profession should take care of their appearance. With my own example I send picture and a massage what I can offer to my patients. 

dr bea povignac - english

Why women make themselves more beautiful? 

Bea: I believe that women make themselves more beautiful because of themselves. To regain lost confidence and to feel more satisfied and  happy.


Have you met a prejudgment because of your plastic surgery?

Bea: I was lucky not to meet prejudjement. I am open minded person and I exchanged my experience with other patients and friends. After all these conversations I manage to persuade some of them for the plastic surgery and they came in this hospital.

dr Bea Povignac - Atlas opšta bolnica

What was the main reason that made you decide for plastic surgery? 

Bea: Crucial for such decision is that there is something that bothers you for a long time. You can realize it having just one pleasant conversation with plastic surgeon that your everyday life can improve and what results you can expect. The results in my case were exceptional.


How was your stay at Atlas Hospital?

Bea: I’m exaptionally satisfied. From the moment I had scheduled an interview, the moment that is very important.. When you are in pain, all of the personal are very kind, present around you, and I almost didn’t want to go home.. 

Are you now satisfied with yourself? 

Bea: It passed three months since the intervention and I have to admit that I’m reborn. I am very satisfied and I could recommend to someone who is not satisfied with the look to come here, to do consultation and at the ed, make her life more beautiful.

If you have conviction that you are not beautiful enough, not good enough, you should do something about it.

Sometimes it takes only one decision to change your day, month or year. It’s not even up to a friend, an acquaintance, your family, it’s up to you. Change is your choice, and all of us..we are here so that your decision should be more easy, because we know how much support is important.   

Tell us now, weather to be satisfied with yourself is more important then life in just straight line?