Final Solution: Against Strech marks – Mesotherapy

Final Solution: Against Strech marks – Mesotherapy

What are the stretch marks?

White or pink lines that cut the skin on the stomach, flanks, thighs or buttocks, and cause the dissatisfaction of many women, are called stretch marks.

In fact, stretch marks (linear atrophy of the skin) are torn elastin and collagen fibers from the deeper skin layers that are provided. When stretch marks appear, they are light pink, while later they become white and they reduce their volume to a certain extent.

When the stretch marks occur?

Stretches usually occur during pregnancy, after sudden weight changes and due to rapid growth in teenagers and adolescents. Even half of girls and boys in puberty get stretch due to sudden growth, mainly on the upper arm, lumbar region and above the knee. They occur due to the stretching of the skin, especially during pregnancy, when the hormone secretion (glucocorticoid) increases, which aims to loosen the connective tissue before birth. Then stretch marks appear most often on the stomach, thighs and chest.

Mezoterapija strija

In the case of stretch marks, a genetic predisposition is an important factor. There is no proven way of preventing the onset of stretch marks, although there are numerous funds available on the market for this purpose. Reducing visibility of stretch marks is possible in many ways, and we present a method that has very good results – mesotherapy for stretch marks.

Mesotherapy for  stretch marks

The fine needles are introduced into the deeper skin layer, a preparation that stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers, stimulates circulation and feeds the skin. The preparation can also be administered by the dermoroler device, but needle therapy is more often applied. This improves cell metabolism and improves the general condition of the skin.

The injections are divided  on every  few millimeters in a problematic region. The depth of the sting and the choice of mesotherapy cocktail is performed by the specialist doctor according to the assessment of skin condition and the severity of the problem. Diminishing the stretch marks  with mesotherapy is through the activation of natural regenerative skin processes, primarily by creating new collagen and elastin fibers and improving local blood circulation.

The antioxidative capacity of cells increases, making the tissue rejuvenate and makes it more resistant. Stretch marks, as permanent skin atrophy, give us another chance to reduce or even disappear. Mesotherapy can be subjected to both sexes, although the appearance of stretch marks is more pronounced in women.

How long does the treatment of stretch marks with mesotherapy  last?

Mesotherapy for stretch marks lasts for about half an hour, depending on the size of the treated region and the severity of the problem.

When are the results expected after the treatment?

The effects are visible within a week or two, while the final result of skin regeneration  is visible after four weeks. The treatment is repeated every few days several times. This treatment does not require special recovery or hospital stay.

Post period after treatment

aspirin, powder and strong cosmetics for about a week. Mitigation or removal of stretch marks is permanent.

The condition of the treated region of the skin improves and it becomes firmer and rejuvenated as its texture is corrected.

Atlas Aesthetics provides the opportunity for a comprehensive treatment of stretch marks and associated aesthetic problems (cellulite removal, skin tightening, scar removal and spot removal).

Mesotherapy of stretch marks can be combined with other treatments, hyaluronic fillers, chemical peeling, blood plasma treatment and liposuction.

Mesotherapy cocktails we use are produced by prestigious pharmaceutical companies and are certified. The effect of preparations and mesotherapy as a method has been proven by many years of experience.

Atlas Estetika specialists team is educated at prestigious clinics in the country and abroad. Through continuous education we come to the latest solutions to medical and aesthetic problems, which are applied in the best world medical centers.

Questions and consultation about treatment

If you have any questions about this mesotherapy procedure, you can schedule consultations with a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery on phones: +381 60 329 24 11 and +381 11 785 88 88.