Feel the power of mesotherapy for face rejuvenation

Feel the power of mesotherapy for face rejuvenation

The personal care is part of person’s perception of the quality of life itself. It has long been observed that the daily skin care of the face like cleansing, putting toning lotion and applying creams is not enough.

Daily skin care should be regular and high quality because it represents the protection of the face skin from atmospheric pollution, but it is not sufficient to prevent skin aging and significantly change its quality.

The reason for this is the relatively low absorption of vitamins and minerals from nourishing creams that are applied over the skin. Do you want to rejuvenate, tighten and refresh your face with simple and effective natural facial treatment?

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure that has a remarkable effect on tired and damaged skin prone to wrinkles.

For whom is mesotherpy?

On the edge of thirties, the facial skin begins slowly to get the first signs of aging. First, mild wrinkles in the skin around the eyes and lips, as well as the lower elasticity of the skin. Over time, subcutaneous fatty tissue and elasticity of the skin are lost, and pigmentation changes are also observed. These processes can not be stopped, but they can be largely mitigated and somewhat delayed.

Facial mesotherapy

Under the influence of air pollution, stress and smoking, a lifeless tired skin gets a lively tone. Mesotherapy is suitable for all people over the thirties who want to improve the quality and appearance of their skin. Skin treatments should begin in time to mean that skin aging is as much as possible.

How is mesotherapy performed?

Mesotherapy is performed by injecting mesotherapy cocktails with very fine needles in the central part of the skin. Mesotherapy cocktails are made up of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and special active substances to achieve the desired effect.

The treatment lasts fifteen minutes to half an hour and is not painful, but anesthetics in the form of creams are applied to those who are sensitive to pain. After treatment, patients do not need a break but they can immediately pay attention to their obligations.

Needle tips are performed with special techniques and at a precise angle. For this reason it is necessary to contact a specially trained specialist in aesthetic surgery, who has enough experience with this method of rejuvenating the face.

In recent years, mesotherapy has been increasing in our country and now you can find even some hairdressing salons and dental care centers with very suspicious materials and unknown effects.

Mesotherapy in Atlas Estetic is performed  by certified doctors specialized in aesthetic surgery with a great experience in aesthetic medicine. Great results would be impossible without top- medically examined cocktails produced by specialized pharmaceutical companies.

It is recommended to do three to five treatments with a two-week spacing and after that maintenance once in six months. Mesotherapy can be used throughout the year and is not related to the pre-exposure of the skin to the sun.

After mesotherapy, sunbathing, too much sweating and the use of aspirin should be avoided.

The effects of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy first improves the structure of the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in better tone, better skin tonus, softening of the wrinkles, wrinkle alleviation and better hydration of the skin. With mesotherapy, the walls of the capillaries are strengthened, and the whole treated region is better served by nutrients.

By applying mesotherapy, the effects of aging on the skin of the face are deposited in a completely natural way. This is achieved by the natural stimulation of the skin (pointed with needle pins) so the collagen structure can be produced.

Renewed collagen synthesis allows the skin to regenerate and obtain a more beautiful and fresh look. The first effects of mesotherapy are visible immediately after therapy, and full effect after several days. Mesotherapy is very well combined with PRP treatment and chemical peeling of the skin.

In addition to face rejuvenation, mesotherapy can be applied to the skin of the neck, décolleté and arms, then to remove cellulite and stretch marks, to reduce hair loss and to reduce fat deposits (lipolysis).

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