Elena Boccuni: Happiness is another name for motherhood

Elena Boccuni: Happiness is another name for motherhood

The meaning of family is found in the dreams you share together, when you have common intimate moments together that bring forth tears of joy, through which you find your strength and support. Your family accepts you just the way you are, after all that is the meaning of love, right?

However, what happens when you do not accept yourself? A needed change to your body, to somebody it may not be important, but it is key to you, especially when standing in front of the mirror? This is my story of why I did the Mommy Makeover, and why I wanted to get back the body I once had before I gave birth.


AtlasEstetic: Why is it important for you to look good?

Elena: It’s important to myself personally. But it’s not all found in your looks, rather in the harmony of the soul and body which leads to both happiness and success.

Mommy makeover - Atlas estetic

AtlasEstetic: How did you decide on a surgical intervention after delivery?

Elena: There are some decisions that make somebody miserable and make someone else really happy. Such decisions are found in plastic surgery.  When you believe that you will love your reflection in the mirror, it is a good decision. So it was the right decision for me.  When you have feelings of dissatisfaction with yourself, this dissatisfaction will spread throughout all segments of your life, and this proves to be bad.


AtlasEstetic: Did you have any fears and what were you afraid of?

Elena: Well I have small children, so the biggest fear for me was that I would be separated from them for a short period of time. Even though it is a short period of time, when you are mother a day away from your child seems like forever. However, at Atlas General Hospital I was surrounded by teams of professional doctors, I really felt comfortable and that I was in safe hands.


AtlasEstetic: How did your stay at Atlas hospital look like?

Elena: At Atlas Hospital, the staff is very kind and kind and therefore it is impossible not to feel at home.


AtlasEstetic: Are you now more satisfied with yourself?

Elena: I’ll let my kids answer this. What do you think of Mom?

-Mom is beautiful!


After talking to the beautiful Elen about happiness, we will say that you are not looking for it in others, but in yourself. Work on personal development because then your confidence grows and you do not experience criticism personally. Do not be afraid of happiness; For happiness, it takes a little.