Correction of the face and body with fillers or with fat transfer

Correction of the face and body with fillers or with fat transfer

Changes that women have after pregnancy and delivery can affect much their self-confidence. Aesthetic surgery can help women to feel comfortable in their own body. Aesthetic surgery gives face and body desired look and there is to give better quality of life, to boost or return your self esteem.

Most popular are the treatments of restoration of volume, most often, tissue of face, neck and hands that are most exposed parts of the body. So, these are the segments that are visible  and most of us have them exposed during all seasons.  Treatments of restoration of volume of particular parts of the body means injections of fillers of biological origin, synthetic origin or most often application of hyaluronic acid.  Today we get hyaluronic acid from genetic engineering and in cosmetology it is introduced 30 years ago. In the beginning it was rather costly treatment and today the way of its production made it more cheap, and also treatments are more accessible to more people.

These treatments  are very popular  among both sexes. In order to restore volume of tissue of face, neck and upper arm for patients that have aversion towards application of any other preparation except natural, it is advisable to use patient’s own fat tissue from one body part to another.  With one simple procedure fat is taken from one body region (most often inner side of the knee or front abdominal wall) then these fat is processed, and filtered to be separated some amount of fat cells of certain size that are then transferred  and injected in desired parts of the upper arm, neck and face. The result is not so quick as with fillers because it takes some time of recovery after intervention, but end results are quite good.

Different kinds of radiation have stimulating biological effect, and application of laser in aesthetic medicine gives fast and long lasting results and give biological effect, has application in photo and physical peelings when surface layer of the skin is removed with laser. Some blood elements are separated from peripheral blood, thrombocytes (platelets) that secrete platelet derived growth factors that theoretically help division of these cell elements of the skin that will create collagen tissue. This is what makes skin firm.