The combined operation of the stomach and breast with one mark

The combined operation of the stomach and breast with one mark



A combined operation of the abdominal wall, with or without the removal of the surplus of the skin, and breast augmentation with breast implants through an incision already made in the bikini area. These are the two most common operations that are essential to women after childbirth in order to correct the appearance of the body, and now they can do it in one act without any additional incision or scar on breast tissue.

Another method is the exclusive breast augmentation with patient’s own fat  through miniature holes that are made in the navel area, which also avoids the scarring that are inevitable when the cannula enters the region of the breasts.




For this procedure it is necessary to broaden the angle of reparation – from the rib cage that is done  for dermolipectomy  up to mammary furrow. It is then opened with a  special long instruments and the pocket is made  and the implant is placed. After that the infra mammary ligament is reconstructed and it is closed and breasts come in their natural position, but with no incision. After that the incision in the stomach is closed, and the result is a flat stomach and larger breasts in a single operation through one incision, with just one scar.  Beside  implants, firming of skin of the stomach gives more  more beautiful breast shape additionaly. For a woman, this is a great advantage because she receives two operations in a single anesthesia and with just one scar.

Such a procedure with two operations in one can be applied when on stomach it is not performed dermolipectomy (removal of excess skin) but only reconstruction of the abdominal wall, which athletes often require. The procedure in this case is somewhat more demanding and difficult because it is not the skin of the stomach is not done, nor belly button is moved. The incision is usually made about 10 centimeters below the navel in the suprapubic region.

Patient after  that has absolutely no scar on her breast, though two operations were done in different regions of the body. This is especially a good solution for women after childbirth that usually requires breast correction and correction of the stomach (that is called Mommy Makeover).

The recovery period after such surgery is slightly longer than usual, but not significantly. In any case, it’s shorter than recovery time would last it from two individual operations: breast and abdomen. In addition, a woman does not have to do surgery, anesthesia twice, and does not have to take leave for two procedures. it has two recovery period and twice taken a vacation for surgery. Dermolipectomy is otherwise very painful procedure, but with good pain control, the patient usually recovers quickly.

Who are the candidates for this surgery? Given the complexity of operations it is performed only in patients who are completely healthy and prepared for such an undertaking. Age limit of this operation is the same as for individual operations – these are mostly women between 20 and 40 years old.

What are the experiences so far?

So far we have done a few of these operations, among patients we had one athlete, but also a former Miss Serbia. Given the fact that this is a challenging operation, the surgeon has to work very carefully, so that the blood loss is minimal. We didn’t need blood transfusion nor for one of  this kind of interventions which means that everything was done as it should.




In the ATLAS general Hospital within Atlas ESTETIC  we focused on i achievement of best possible results with minimal or completely invisible scar in all operations that we do. One solution is that the implants for breast augmentation , especially when they are smaller in size, is inserted through an incision in the region of the axillary region (the armpit) whenever possible.

When women who have a need to correct stomach aesthetic appearance, additionaly want to tighten or increase breast, in our hospital are  able to do both operations through the same incision, so as not to have additional scars on the breast.


When it is indicated breast augmentation with own fatty tissue, or when a woman has enough fat and breast material (tissue) that is suitable for such an augmentation, enlargement procedure can be done also through navel, to avoid scars on the breast.

The fat tissue is taken from the hips, or other parts of the body where there is enough of it, that fat tissue is then stabilized and then with long,  modified cannula,  together with stem cells from peripheral blood, is inserted in the breast tissue.

On average we inject between 300 and 400 cc of fat tissue in one breast. In addition with  the stabilization of stem cells from peripheral blood, loss of the implanted fat was not greater than 20 percent, which is a remarkable result. So, we’re in just one of four operated patients resorted subsequent addition of fat.

This procedure makes possible correction and augmentation of breasts,  and that nowhere in the vicinity of the breast does exit not scar, which suits to all women, especially those engaged in work for which it is important to look perfect (Models etc.)

Experience of  Maria B,  with combined operation of Mommy Makeover


Maria  is one of the patients that  after pregnancy and childbirth decided to correct the appearance of her stomach and breast in a single operation. We met her and talked with her briefly when she arrived at the control examination  after 10 days from operation.

“Recently I had  a breast lift at the same time I had removal of excess skin from the stomach, because after pregnancy the stomach appearance changed with  larger quantity of stretched skin with some fat.

I am very pleased with how everything has finished!  I took a leave from work for seven days,  now I work, normally drive a car, and like any mother I’m full of obligations.

I decided to come to this hospital on the recommendation of a friend who worked for the cosmetic correction that I saw previously.


Atlasestetic before and after operation


I can only say the best about my recovery and  stay in Atlas hospital, my deep thanks to doctors and medical stuff and all the others, they all were extremely kind and caring and it really meant to me.

On my every call when I was pressing the bells they were immediately there. Postoperative pains were not significant and seven days later they completely stopped. The next day after surgery I was able to stand with a little more difficulty  getting out of bed, but on the third day I walked slowly upstairs. Two days after surgery I went home and followed instruction that the doctor gave to me so the postoperative period was perfect. They gave me to wear  after-  operation  bra and corset  for abdomen and I regularly went to change bandages in hospital.

There are still some small bruises present where the procedure is done, but believe me, the impression I have now when I look at my stomach and breast is indescribable.

I believe I will be even happier when time goes by, and this small swelling disappear, where the scar completely vanishes  and all these little bruises withdraw. I am particularly happy because on my breasts there are no scar, so that no one can think  that I had breast augmentation done. It’s size, shape and position are now being as I imagined them it should.