Chin surgery-genioplasty

Chin surgery-genioplasty

A well-defined chin contributes to the balance of the face and is very important when the face is viewed from the profile. Because of this, many people, fully aware of these facts, and dissatisfied with their appearance, decide  for the correction of the chin.

Correction of the chin is also known as genioplasty, and thanks to it you can have a smaller or larger chin, or improve her appearance by accentuating  or softening  its line.

Correction of the chin

Although the nose is the center of the profile, the size and shape of the chin in most cases also plays a very important role. Therefore, the correction of the nose and the corrections of the chin in the aesthetic surgery interventions very often go together. As has already been done by many well-known personalities wishing  and  to achieve the perfect balance in the proportions of the face.

Chin correction in two ways

Correction of the chin can be done in two ways: surgical and non-surgical. If minor corrections are required, then a non-surgical intervention is usually performed, where the chin can be corrected by its own fatty tissue. Various biodegradable materials can also be used for this purpose.

The larger corrections of the chin, depending on the specific needs of the patients, are performed by surgical intervention, which introduces silicone implants or takes the surgical movement of the bone of the chin. So, for the other way, the chin correction can be comfortably said that this is a “chin surgery” in the field of facial aesthetic surgery.

Modern aesthetic surgery today has the opportunity to correct all the abnormalities of the chin, such as: big or small chin, too prominent and so on..

Big chin

If you have a chin that is too big and does not fit with other parts of your face, do not despair.

By reshaping the chin contour it can be made that, not only your chin, but all the other faces of the face look much better.

This is the case, especially if your chin, nose and other facial features look too little for your constitution. The chin operation will provide you with a balanced, pleasant and completely natural look. Aesthetic facial surgery, as it is known, provides a solution for the transformation of the face and its contours.

Thanks to experienced Atlas Estetic experts, chin reduction is a very simple procedure. They will do their best to transform your appearance into an aesthetically positive sense, which will give you a more coherent look and a better profile. This is very helpful for many patients at the mental level, because after the procedure they feel more satisfied and more confident.

Little chin

You may be someone who is dissatisfied with his little chin, like receding chin. You have the impression that your aesthetic problem often attracts the attention of your interlocutor and makes you feel uncomfortable. Be relaxed, your problem is easily solved, in just 30 minutes of professional intervention. A small cut under the chin, then the insertion of a silicone implant in the local anesthetic, and in  a moment you received a stronger chin profile.

If this is your only aesthetic defect, this subtle change can put a smile on your face and greatly raise the level of self-confidence.

Non perfect chin

The chin does not have to be neither small nor big, yet its line is not exactly perfectly integrated with your facial features. In this case, you can consult with the aesthetic surgeons of Atlas Estetic , who will propose you the best solution when it comes to your chin contraction.

The phone number for consulting is: +381 11 785 88 88.

Who are the candidates for the correction of the chin:

  • All people who are not satisfied with the look of their chin and profile
  • Have good physical and mental health
  • They have at least 20 years
  • They are  real with their expectations regarding the outcome of this procedure

If you decide to perform  genioplasty (correction or surgery of the chin), you will agree with the experts of the General Hospital Atlas and get detailed instructions regarding the operation itself, as well as everything related to the postoperative recovery. Be sure that we will be happy to meet you and fulfill all the real desires.