Cheek lift rejuvenates the face

Cheek lift rejuvenates the face

Cheek lift is one of the most common interventions performed by aesthetic surgeons, and is often combined with eyelid surgery.

High cheekbones  in both sexes is thought to be beautiful . Cheeks that are  accentuated  with no surrounding wrinkles, slightly red, that are typicalfor young people. Their shape emphasizes three-dimensional  face, and especially come to light when a person laughs.

The appearance of cheekbones is genetically conditioned and can vary in shape, position in relation to other facial parts and size. Although genetics is extremely important for their appearance, the development of aesthetic surgery has become susceptible to change.

Cheeks like a  movie star

There is no woman who hasn’t imagine herself having  seductive cheeks like Odri Hepburn and Sophia Loren, or Angelina Jollie today. The film camera  and photography especially love this part of the face, which makes the person especially attractive because of the accentuated sharp shadows on the face and giving the impression of a stronger character. Mother nature, of course, was not generous to all like to woman from the filmworld. And when this is the case, this beautiful facial decoration disappears over time due to various factors.

Rapid weight loss, aging of the skin in the form of a reduction of fat cells and loss of elasticity, which results in the fall of tissue due to gravity. The cheek bone itself is susceptible to resorption in some cases, which gives a slightly dull expression to the face. The shape of the cheek is affected by the cheekbones, the soft tissue that is on it and the skin of the face.

Cheek lifting

Types of material for cheek lifting

Cheek  lift is a delicate intervention that can be done in several ways, depending on the choice of material to be performed. Surgeons of  Atlas Aesthetics practice the use of the following substances that have so far are proved to be the best:

Hyaluronic fillers are ideal for remodeling the cheeks  because they give a more full  look to the cheeks and freshness of the whole face.

Hyaluronic acid is safe for use because it is close to the body’s composition  and is resorbed over time. Filters used for cheeks  are of higher density and last for about a year, after which it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

Cheek implants are used when deformities are present in the area and in cases where a significant increase in the cheeks  is required. Implants are available in various shapes and sizes for which the surgeon decides in consultation with the patient.

Autologous fat  is an excellent filler because it is durable and does not cause any allergic reactions. The fat  is taken from the parts of the body where it is too much and injected into the cheek area after laboratory processing.

Cheek lift surgery

The choice of material and procedure is made during the examination, when the surgeon will listen to the patient’s wishes and perform the necessary examinations and measurements. As the cheeks are different for each person, so will the intervention of raising them from person to person. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia or analgesia if needed.

Cheek correction effects and recovery

The longest effect of the correction of the cheeks is the transfer of autologous fat, although sometimes it is necessary to repeat the intervention because about 40% of fat is absorbed in the body after the first three months. Hyaluronic fillers are also renewed but each time they last longer. Recovery from intervention is easy and the person can return to his or her duties almost immediately. It is necessary to avoid lifting loads and heavy physical activity for the first two weeks.

Confidence  in the chosen surgeon

If you decide to lift your cheeks, it is very important to consult trained aesthetic surgeon to be satisfied with your beautifully shaped cheeks. Atlas Aesthetics has been located in the center of Belgrade since 2006 and employs top quality aesthetic surgeons who are constantly improving. Schedule a consultation and actualize  your desire for a younger look and beautiful  cheeks.