Breast enlargement as gift

Breast enlargement as gift

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Ribnikar, Mentor Implants and AtlasEstetic decided to surprise our patients and give a breast enlargement as a gift!

All you need for free breast enlargement is:

  • to find and sign a coupon in a magazine “Estetika”,
  • to send it on the address Dunavski kej 2, Benefit company doo, 11000, Belgrade
  • dead end for sending your coupon is 15th August

What is this gift really ?

Dear ladies, please apply for free breast enlargement! Gift that we have provided you contains: examination that will be performed by dr Ribnikar, implants of Mentor company, preoperative health examinations, operation, hospital days according to recommendation of the doctor and regular examinations after the surgery!