Breast augmentation in a safe way

Breast augmentation in a safe way

Breast augmentation in a safe way


Many women want to improve the look of their breasts, which most often refers to breast size. Women with larger breasts have always attracted the attention of the environment and have looked more confidently. A harmonious figure with lush neckline was often a ticket to the world of movie and television, and the seductive ladies were remembered by future generations. Many ladies have previously hesitated to solve their lack with aesthetic surgeon because it has been a taboo for years. Today is no longer the case. You can easily and reliably realize your dream. The operating techniques used for breast enlargement are improved and the complications are reduced to a minimum.


I want a sand clock figure

When you make the decision to want to enlarge your breasts, keep in mind that the correction will fit into the overall appearance of your body. Beauty is a matter of proportions, and sometimes a smaller size correction can do more for the overall appearance than a large breast enlargement. In addition to increase the breast, it is possible to correct their position, reduce areola and tighten the breast skin. At the first examination, the doctor will determine what corrections are feasible in accordance with the patient’s existing breast form. Each patient has the right to know the final result, the postoperative period, and the risks of surgery. Good communication between aesthetic surgeon and patient is crucial. Therefore, tell your ideas and dilemmas minutely to your doctor and appreciate his expert opinion.

Types of possible implants and where are they placed?

Implants can be ball and anatomical shape, and are positioned, depending on breast tissue, below or above the chest muscle. When placing the implant, the cut can be along the fold below the breast, inside the armpit and along the edge of the areola where the pigmentation is stronger. Already at the first examination, the doctor will, in agreement with the patient, make a decision which is the best choice of implants and its position. Breast augmentation should be performed in an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding.

Preparation for breast enlargement surgery

During the examination, the doctor will take anamnestic data such as previous surgeries, chronic diseases and drug allergies. He will then measure the breast and draw a sketch for cuts and their future looks. Sometimes It is necessary to make additional ultrasound and mammographic checks. Breast enlargement surgery requires a certain change in habits in the weeks before the surgery. It is desirable to quit smoking two weeks before surgery, and to eliminate certain drugs that stimulate bleeding.


Surgery plan

Breast enlargement surgery lasts about two hours and is performed exclusively in general anesthesia. After the surgery, a patient may stay in the hospital for about two days for monitoring of the recovery. Immediately after the intervention, a postoperative bra is placed and should be wear for a month. On the breast there is a swell about ten to fifteen days and antibiotics and analgesics are used. In the coming weeks it is a good idea to refrain from excessive physical activity, more drastic movements of hands and driving. It is desirable to standstill in home conditions about a week, after which most of the patients return to their usual activities.


Make the right choice

Only experienced specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery can guarantee that the intervention of breast enlargement will pass safely and give the expected results. Atlas Estetic offers expert access of the surgeon with many years of experience and a great number of performed aesthetic interventions. Atlas Estetic operates within the Atlas General Hospital, located in the center of Belgrade since 2006. Our greatest recognition is smile on the face of the patients who are satisfied with their new look. Schedule your consultations and resolve your dilemmas.