Anti-Aging methods

Anti-Aging methods

Anti-Aging methods

Today we speak about Anti-Aging methods that are preformed in our hospital.

We speak about anti-aging procedures with dr Nataša Popović, specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery, member of Serbian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and member of plastic surgeon of Atlas General Hospital.


Anti-aging methods and age

Anti-Aging procedure are applied in the latest 15 year. When we speak about all procedures, it is performed most usually in certain age of the patient, and that is over 25 years of age.

What is the best age for rejuvenation?

Today we will perform and demonstrate one procedure on patient that is 30 years old. She is ideal candidate for some of our procedures. Looking at her face, we can see what come with an age, volume of face is lost.

Where we use hyaluronic fillers?

Cheeky regions, bags, nasolabial wrinkles – there are all regions that can be filled with hyaluronic fillers and we bring back tonus to the face. After the procedure face looses that tired look, cheek bones are lifted, we get better volume and all that give to face youthful look. In the same patient we suggested other anti-aging methods that are becoming more popular and that in some way replace surgical interventions.

When meso threads are used?

When we speak about replacement of surgical interventions with anti-aging methods we primarily think on face-lifting, eventually on some interventions of lower eye lids and  meso threads that are used to tighten inner structure of the skin with two or three types of meso threads that are more and more popular. These threads are good because  they stimulate production of collagen in the skin, and that gives firmness and better structure of the face.

When is right moment for the botox?

In thirties there are more candidates that use one of anti aging procedures, and usually it is botox. Botox is reserved for forehead where much frown lines can be seen on the skin and there are transversal lines on the forehead. Botox is applied also in the lower part of the face and for the neck where first lines can be seen.

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