How I solved the problem of excessive sweating

Jelena Trboljevac contacted team of the show  „Praktična žena“ asking them to help her to solve the problem that has been going on since primary school, excessive sweating.

“I’m sweating a lot and over time more and more. I was not being  avoided by people because of this, but as I grew up, I was personally bothered. When we had a dance show in elementary school, my best friend was supposed to catch me under the armpit and it was very unpleasant, because I really sweat very much. I tried with a corrected diet and with salt-free diet, I also sto eating bread. At the studies, I thought the problem would go, but sweating was getting more intense. Then there was one child, and second, probably a hormone disorder, and the sweat began to stinks. witch is so uncomfortable. I’m bothered by this, I’m not comfortable for anyone else to smell it, especially when you are on the move or you need to raise your hands, “Jelena said.

Excessive sweating - btx by dr Igor Georgijev

Deodorants did not help against excessive sweating?

I tried various preparations and nothing helped. This excessive sweating is daily, regardless of whether I’m doing something or staying calm. It happened that my sweat was simply dropping and it happends only under my armpits.

Now comes a better weather, summer. Sweating is assumed to be more expressed?

I sweat in winter, when it’s cold outside. I’m sweating and then I’m even feeling frostily because  my t-shirt is wet. Previously when I was  student, I wore two or three shirts for the exam. First of all I have stage fright, and than adrenaline starts, I literally have to change myself three times because of sweat.

Dr. Georgijev, how will we solve the problem of sweating?

Today, we will reduce and prevent sweating with a very simple method. By placing a btx in the interdermal skin. Btx has various uses, and one of them is a treatment for this condition – hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. This is a condition that is not a disease and many people suffer from it. It appears in different places: soles, palms and under the armpits, and these are regions that can be treated. Excessive sweating makes people uncomfortable and we will be take less than 2-3 minutes to apply the btx and solve the problem. What is important to point out is that this does not solve the problem forever, it is necessary once a year to do the treatment with btx. This is an ideal time, so the period before the summer is ideal for performing this fine, elegant medical treatment, said  Dr Igor Georgijev.

Jelena is thrilled because the problem is solved immediately after the treatment.

I can not believe that after 3 minutes I solved the problem that I was pursuing from primary school. I did the treatment without anesthesia, it’s a little unpleasant, but I can not say that I have feelt pain. Thanks to Dr. Igor Georgijev and the Practical Women team, I am finally happy.

If you have a problem with excessive sweating, contact our Atlas hospital experts and solve the problem in this very simple way.

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